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Interior Ballistics


IntBal 1.0 - Interior Ballistics


Thermodynamic model of interior ballistics according to STANAG 4367 (for details, equations and algorithm description and some test cases see this article: IBHVG2 - A User's Guide).

Click here to download demo!

  • Program has only 1.3 MB, no installation (only unpack the zip file).

  • Form functions for seven types of propellant grains.

  • Input parameters for 152 mm Howitzer, 30 mm Cannon Mod. 53 and 7.62x39 Assault rifle Mod. 58.

  • Results in graph.

  • Loading of the parameters from txt file, saving of the output to the txt file.






Program is intended for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7. This is a demo version of the program. Covolume of the propellant in the demo is set to 0 m3/kg and can not be changed.




Thermodynamic model of interior ballistics (East European model): Computation of pressure and temperature in barrel, projectile velocity and burning rate as a function of time or projectile travel: