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Exterior Ballistics 2.6


New program for computation of ballistic trajectory of spin-stabilized bullets. Click here to download!

Short introduction to Exterior Ballistics 2.6 from a users perspective written by Jochem Peelen:



  • Program has only 1.7 MB, no installation (only unpack the zip file).

  • Similar to the model "Modified Point-Mass Trajectories", STANAG 4355.

  • Computation of the trajectory for zero range or angle of departure:


  • Comparing of different loads ("Zero Range" calculation for the first cartridge and a calculation with "Angle of Departure" for the second"):

  • Bullets and cartridges database (597 bullets, 1441 cartridges). Including Sierra bullets (variable ballistic coefficient) and Berger bullets (G7):


  • Results: save to file, load from file:

  • All atmospherics conditions (ICAO atmosphere): air pressure, temperature and humidity.

  • Cross, longitudinal and vertical wind.

  • Variable cross wind along bullet trajectory:

  • Simple methods for computation of the bullet stability (Greenhill, Sierra, Dell).

  • The Most Recommended Distance (MRD, GEE):

  • Shooting UP/Downhill (possibility to calculate with slant distance / angle or horizontal distance / height):

  • Tactical reticle computation (MilDot, Sightron LRMOA, Leupold TMR, Vortex EBR-1 MOA and MRAD, Nightforce MOAR, Meopta MilDot 2). Horizontal axis for the distance or wind speed. Red cross to show where to aim:


  • Computation of the ballistic coefficient from the velocity drop or from the trajectory:

  • Computation modes: ballistic coefficient, form factor or variable ballistic coefficient (for Sierra bullets):

  • All common drag functions: G1, G2, G5, G6, G7, G8, GL, GS, GC, RA4, 1943 and conversion between functions:

  • Drag functions for Lapua bullets (now 56 drag functions, November 2015):

  • 134 drag functions from Exterior Ballistics 4.0 by the courtesy of Ruprecht Nennstiel (list in pdf).

  • Coriolis force (for azimuth and latitude, influence on the bullet drop and windage):

  • Bullet drift and Static Stability Factor (also for high angles of departure):

  • Unit conversion and ballistic coefficient conversion:


  • ICAO atmosphere computation. Influence of the barrel length and powder temperature. Computation of the energy and momentum:



Program "Exterior Ballistics 2.6" is intended and tested for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 - 10. This is a demo version of the program. Velocity in the demo is set to 555 m/s and can not be changed. If you have an interest, please send me your "Activation Code" at and I will send you a file "key". Activation Code is visible after starting the program (see the picture below) on your PC. Full version is activated by copying the file named "key" to the program's directory (see the picture below).




Click here to download!